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2 years ago
naomi 2 years ago

The link to the show on the website on iTunes, and indeed the podcast on iTunes, is available only in the Norwegian store; is there a way to make it available worldwide?  "Regionless"?  Then when we rate the podcast with 5 stars, it will be reflected in also the US market, as well as NO.  

Thanks again for everything you're doing!

2 years ago
marius 2 years ago

Thanks for letting us know. I think it happened when we changed the iTunes name so that searches on "way of tea" and "chado" would get you to TeaLife Audio. This is the new and updated link for the US store:

I tested it from my Norwegian account and it seems to work ok, hope it works for all different country stores. 

I also updated the social media post, to have the propper new link. 

2 years ago

Hooray! It worked for the US store now - thanks!