TeaLife Audio – Episode 65 – Gomei

– Marius
– Aaron
– Adam
– Anthony

Translation 1:
The rule is to set the winter kettle [so its lip is] six to seven bu (approx. 2 cm) higher than the ro frame.

Translation 2, by Adam:
In the colder months
Set the kama so its mouth
Rests higher than the
Hearth frame by six or seven bu
Learn this well at practice

Main Topic: Gomei

Information Referenced:
Book: Braiding Sweetgrass



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  1. Thank you for this work which is very helpful for me as I live far from a centre of tea studies. Upon listening to this episode #65, I thought it might be possible to participate. In particular, you discussed not changing the gomei for particular objects so I expected to hear about the creative practise of preparing a gomei for the chashaku during each lesson. I was encouraged to do this in my lessons and it seemed like a great way to develop my Canadian tea mind. It was and remains a very difficult challenge but greatly facilitated by internet information like the wiki.chado.no/Gomei! It would be interesting to know if this creative activity is common. Where I live, we can remember the loon song, cracked ice and snow diamonds.

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