TeaLife Audio – Episode 27 – Making your own utensils

– Aaron
– Marius
– Anthony

Poem #4

Haji o sute hito ni mono toi naraubeshi kore zo jozu no motoi narikeru.

(Sometimes a person may feel embarassed to ask questions. That embarassment should be set aside and questions asked.)

(One should abandon feelings of embarassment and ask people questions; this is the keystone to becoming adept.)

Main topic: Making your own utensils

Information referenced:
– Sweet stores in Kyoto: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zrODjcwtT-p8.kDH44qxhkqGU&msa=0
– Photos: http://tealife.audio/gallery-episode-27/

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 26 – Purification


– Marius

– Damian

– Naomi

– Anthony


“Kokorozashi fukaki hito niwa ikutabi mo awaremi fukaku oku zo oshiuru.”

To the student who has a deep desire to learn the secrets of chanoyu, the teacher should spare no effort.

You should many a time compassionately impart the inner teachings to one who has a deeply willing mind.

Tea Practice: Purification

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