TeaLife Audio – Episode 68 – Making changes


  • Adam
  • Marius
  • Anthony


運び立て 水指置くは 橫疊二ツ割りにて眞中に置け

hakobi-date mizusashi oku wa yoko-datami futatsu wari nite mannaka ni oke

When carrying and
Placing the fresh water jar
Divide the depth of
The mat into two halves and
Place the water on centre

Main Topic: Making Changes


Information Referenced

The chashaku Adam received

Gifted chashaku from North Carolina. The joy and searching depth welling up in my heart♡ I have given it two names (blame it on the star sign): X: Nomad's Flute Y: Weeping Song . The node at the end (Jōō's fave style) and the pores on one side remind me of a flute. The scooping end opens up wide and deep, hungry for cha. After using the chashaku in the gifted chashaku temae, I did a book divination with my favourite book 'Zen Sand – the book of capping phrases'. The capping phrase I landed on was this: "Oh, the plaint of the nomad's flute is heartbreaking. Seated guests gaze at each other, tears run like rain." 胡歌一曲斷人腹 坐客相看淚如雨 (koka ikkyoku hito no harawata o tatsu, Zakyaku aimite namida ame no gotoshi.) – Shin Zengoshū . From this beautiful scene, 'nomad's flute' stands out to become the abbreviated name. 'Weeping Song' came to mind in relation to this capping phrase, coloured by the heart wrenching events fuelled by short-sighted racists in the little-big corner of the world where this chashaku came from. ('Weeping Song' is a Nick Cave song, should you not have discovered it yet.) . This nomad sings a weeping song. A song in which to weep. While we rock ourselves to sleep. This is a weeping song. But we won't be weeping long. No we won't be weeping long. . #chashaku #giftedchashaku #chanoyu #matcha #funkwabi #pagansabi #thingschajindo

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 67 – Making Ash in Texas


  • Adam
  • Marius


  • Rhonda


置合せ心を付けて見るぞ可し、袋の縫目 疊目に置け
okiawase kokoro wo tsukete miru zo kashi, fukuro no nui-me tatami-me ni oke

Place equipage
Together with discerning eyes –
Such care to align
The seam of a caddy’s pouch
With the weaves of tatami


Main topic: Making Ash




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