TeaLife Audio – Episode 70 – Women in tea

– Marius

– Rebecca



Main Topic – Women in tea

Information referenced:


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Kindle: http://amzn.to/2xJx2xK

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*You will need a subscription to access most of these journal articles, or you may be able to purchase a copy of a single issue from the publisher. Anyone with a university affiliation should be able to access these articles electronically through their university library, or obtain a copy via interlibrary loan/document delivery if the university does not have a subscription. For those without a university affiliation, you can try your local, state, or national library for electronic access, and again requesting a copy of an article may be possible through their interlibrary loan/document delivery service.



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TeaLife Audio – Episode 69 – Tea and Incense


  • Marius
  • Aaron
  • Adam
  • Anthony


  • Ula

chaire, mata chasen no kane wo yoku mo shire, ato ni nokoseru d?gu meate ni
Understand well the
Placement of the chaire
and next the chasen
For as they are used in turn
One guides the other’s return

Main Topic – Incense

Information referenced:




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