TeaLife Audio – Episode 74 – Oles Robiraki

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– Adam
– Marius
– Anthony

– Ula
– Ole Marius

Where sits the chakin
During the thick tea rite?
At the brazier’s feet
The front edge of the small board
Presents itself as a seat

Topic – Robiraki

Information referenced:
端的底看聻 – Mawari sumi saying

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 73 – Nakaoki


  • Adam
  • Marius
  • Damian
  • Anthony



yoso nado ni hana wo okuraba, sono hana wa hiraki sugishi wo yaranu mono nari
Flowers in full bloom;
An unwelcome gift to the
Host of chanoyu –
How should one hide their distaste
When the alcove is wilting?


Main Topic: Nakaoki


Information referenced:

The one Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea

Go Gyou Dana


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