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Tea Life Audio is a podcast about Japanese Tea Ceremony and related arts. This is a round table show, with an open discussion about Tea. The show has three hosts who have several decades of combined experience with Tea ceremony.

Each episode follows a similar structure of: Announcements, Banter, Anecdote, and Main Tea topic.

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TeaLife Audio – EP 131 – Margie and Teaching

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  • Adam
  • Anthony
  • Marius


Topic – Magie and teaching

Poem #89.


kakemono ya hana wo haiken suru toki wa san shaku hodo wa za wo yokete miyo

When viewing flowers or scrolls in a space for tea Appreciate from a distance of three shaku: this is where your seat ought to be

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TeaLife Audio – Ep 130 – Sumi

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  • Adam
  • Anthony
  • Kyle
  • Marus

Topic – Sumi

Poem #88
When displaying a wicker flower vase in the alcove space,
It sits directly on the floor with no board under its base
toko no ue ni kago hana-ire o oku toki wa usuita nado wa shikanu mono nari

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Kyles sumi supplier: https://www.instagram.com/dartmoorcharcoal/ https://www.instagram.com/johnwilliamsondartmoor/

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 129 – Sarah, an online journey

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  • Adam
  • Sarah
  • Marius

Topic – An online journey

板床に葉茶壺茶入品々を飾らで 飾る法も有りけり
ita-doko ni ha-cha-tsubo cha-ire shina-jina o kazara de kazaru hō mo arikeri

A board-floor alcove rejects precious pieces like tea jars for display
But should the occasion call, there are other rules to obey

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