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Tea Life Audio is a podcast about Japanese Tea Ceremony and related arts. This is a round table show, with an open discussion about Tea. The show has three hosts who have several decades of combined experience with Tea ceremony.

Each episode follows a similar structure of: Announcements, Banter, Anecdote, and Main Tea topic.

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 115 – Toriawase

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– Adam
– Aaron
– Ula
– Marius

Main Topic – Toriawase


79. 釣船はくさりの長さ床により、出船入船浮船としれ
tsuribune wa kusari no nagasa toko ni yori, de-bune iri-bune uki-bune to shire
A ‘floating boat’ vase evokes the sea for which it hankers
Adjust its chain to evince an outgoing ship, incoming ship or ship at anchor


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