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Tea Life Audio is a podcast about Japanese Tea Ceremony and related arts. This is a round table show, with an open discussion about Tea. The show has three hosts who have several decades of combined experience with Tea ceremony.

Each episode follows a similar structure of: Announcements, Banter, Anecdote, and Main Tea topic.

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 95 – Temae Video

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– Adam
– Marius
– Anthony

Main Topic – Temae Video
– Adams videos for Ueda Ryu – https://www.uedasokochanoyu.com/videos/
– Marius videos for Urasenke – https://chanoyu.world/temae/

Information referenced

– Facebook Group for Tea Bowl Collectors https://www.facebook.com/groups/teabowls/
– Video about chawan requirements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUDzdjk5Mqs&fbclid=IwAR1SmlIl8rYpTky3a_gPISpFapr5WLm6OnrwN242MnEcqEw_lpLAcF-n86g

Naka Oki Mizusashi Placement

This video is explained in episode 95 of TeaLife Audio: https://tealife.audio/tealife-audio-episode-95-temae-video/



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TeaLife Audio – Episode 94 – Enshu Ryu

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– Adam

– Tyas Sōsen
– Marc-Antoine


L’homme fut sûrement le vœu le plus fou des ténèbres; c’est pourquoi nous sommes ténébreux, envieux et fous sous le puissant soleil.

– René Char

Man was surely the maddest vow of the shadows; that’s why we are shadowy, envious and mad under the powerful sun.

Main Topic – Enshu Ryu



Information Referenced

村雨 ‘Murasame’ chawan by Honami Kōetsu 本阿弥光悦 photo

Kobori Sōshō cleaning vid

Tyas’ Tea Crane website

Kyoto tea experience link

Enshu Ryu articles



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TeaLife Audio – Episode 93 – Tana

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– Adam
– Marius


For the brazier,
Use sandalwood incense from
A lacquerware case;
All-metal chopsticks are used
To arrange the charcoal in place

Main Topic – Tana

Information Referenced



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