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Tea Life Audio is a podcast about Japanese Tea Ceremony and related arts. This is a round table show, with an open discussion about Tea. The show has three hosts who have several decades of combined experience with Tea ceremony.

Each episode follows a similar structure of: Announcements, Banter, Anecdote, and Main Tea topic.

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TeaLife Audio – Ep 156 – Tsukimi

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  • Anthony
  • TJ
  • Tanya
  • Adam

Tsukimi – Moon Viewing


Jiku – Master Kidō


Mizu o kiku sureba/ tsuki te ni ari

I scoop up water and the moon is in my hands


Enlightenment Poem  – Chiyono: also known as Mugai Nyodai (1223-1298)


tonikaku ni/ takumishi oke no/ soko nukete/ mizu tamaraneba/ tsuki mo yadorazu


With this and that I tried to keep the bucket together, and then the bottom fell out. Where water does not collect, the moon does not dwell

– Translation, Merle Kodo Boyd, 2013.

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TeaLife Audio – Ep 155 – Chrysanthemum Festival – KikuNoSekku

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  • Tanya
  • Anthony
  • TJ




菊の露 若ゆばかりに 袖触れて

花のあるじに 千代は譲らむ


Kikunotsuyu waka yu bakari ni sode furete/ hana no aruji ni chiyo wa yuzura/ mu

Murasaki Shikibu Diary poem, Modern translation:

Chrysanthemum dew

I brush my sleeve to gain a little youth

But let she who owns the flowers have the thousand years they bring

Link to Makura Jido: Noh Performance held at Horinji, Arashiyama, on 9/9:

Japanese No Theatre during the chrysanthemum festival at temple Hôrinji, Arashiyama

www.satori-nihon.de www.Japan-Kyoto.de Facebook: fb.me/Japan.Kyoto.de

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