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Tea Life Audio is a podcast about Japanese Tea Ceremony and related arts. This is a round table show, with an open discussion about Tea. The show has three hosts who have several decades of combined experience with Tea ceremony.

Each episode follows a similar structure of: Announcements, Banter, Anecdote, and Main Tea topic.

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Gallery: Hawaii 2016

Thank to Hamana-sensei and Phillip for allowing us to use their photos.

TeaLife Audio – Episode 31 – Hawaii and the longest poem

– Aaron
– Marius
– Damian
– Anthony

– Ula

– How was Hawaii

Poem #8
naninite mo dogu atsukau tabi goto ni toute wa karuku okute omokare.

(Whatever utensil you handle, pick it up as if it were light and put it down as if it were heavy.)


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