TeaLife Audio – Ep 125 – Koan practice

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– Adam

– Peter Bursky outbursk@gmail.com

Information referenced:
Sydney Zen Centre
Wind in The Pines – Hirota
Tea Life Tea Mind – Soshitsu Sen XV
The Old Tea Seller – Baisao/Waddell
Zen in the Art of The Tea Ceremony – Hammitzsch
One Taste Of Truth – Wilson

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TeaLife Audio – Ep 120 – Do Gaku Jitsu

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  • Adam
  • Anthony
  • Marius

Topic 道学実

84. なまるとは手つづき早く又おそく、所々のそらはぬをいう
namaru towa tetsuzuki hayaku mata osoku, tokoro-dokoro no sorowanu wo iu

An obtuse temae starts and stops without rhythm: slow fast slow fast slow;
Dull air, dense communication with nowhere to go

Info referenced:
– https://chanoyutah.com/foundation-stones-of-cha-do-do-gaku-jitsu/

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 118 – Tea

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  • Adam
  • Anthony
  • Marius

Topic – Tea


81. 風炉濃茶必ず釜に水さすと一筋に思ふ人はあやまり
furo koicha kanarazu kama ni mizu sasu to hitosuji ni omou hito wa ayamari

Koicha at furo adds fresh water to the kama before hot water is taken
But form for form’s sake is surely mistaken

Information referenced

Scotttea blog on the ethics of sourcing tea:


Tochū Tea to use as an alternative to matcha:

Enquiries on Korean teas, including malcha:

Taiwanese Oolong:

Spill the Tea (Norway):

Pào Chá (France):

Adam’s recommendations for setting out in the wide world of tea:

◉ Jakseol or ‘Sparrow’s tongue’ green tea used in the Darye, Korean tea ceremony
◉ Malcha, Korean matcha
◉ Puruncha, Korean ‘blue tea’ or oolong

◉ Tochū ‘matcha’ is great as an alternative to matcha. Can be used in place of matcha for usucha, used to practice ‘koicha’ and for late night keiko (caffeine-free)
◉ Mulberry ‘matcha’ (Japanese: kuwa-cha) discussed in Eisai Myōan’s Kissa Yōjōki. Can be used for usucha.

South America
◉ Mate from Argentina or Brazil “mate” (ma-té) as an alternative to matcha. Can be used for usucha.

◉ Pu-erh
◉ Green/Raw Pu-erh
◉ Wu Yi oolongs from Fujian Province e.g. Da Hong Po
◉ Phoenix Mountain oolongs from Guanong Province e.g. Dancong

◉ Dong Ding
◉ Alishan


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