TeaLife Audio – Episode 78 – Teaching Online

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  • Adam
  • Damian
  • Anthony


Poem 52
柄杓にて湯を汲む時の習には、三の心得 有物ぞ可し
hishaku nite yu wo kumu toki no narai ni wa, san no kokoroe arumono zo kashi

For the hishaku
Learn to unlearn these three faults:
“Empty” hishaku
“Dead” shaku and “oil” shaku
Once unlearned, refine further


Main Topic – Teaching Online


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TeaLife Audio – Episode 75 – Old Dogu

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– Adam
– Marius
– Damian
– Anthony



Strike a gong or like
To end your guests’ respite
The pattern is five:
Starting first with a strike strong
then weak, mid, mid, ending strong

Main Topic – What to do with old dogu

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 74 – Oles Robiraki

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– Adam
– Marius
– Anthony

– Ula
– Ole Marius

Where sits the chakin
During the thick tea rite?
At the brazier’s feet
The front edge of the small board
Presents itself as a seat

Topic – Robiraki

Information referenced:
端的底看聻 – Mawari sumi saying

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 73 – Nakaoki


  • Adam
  • Marius
  • Damian
  • Anthony



yoso nado ni hana wo okuraba, sono hana wa hiraki sugishi wo yaranu mono nari
Flowers in full bloom;
An unwelcome gift to the
Host of chanoyu –
How should one hide their distaste
When the alcove is wilting?


Main Topic: Nakaoki


Information referenced:

The one Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea

Go Gyou Dana


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Episode 49 – Gallery

Gallery: Hawaii 2016

Thank to Hamana-sensei and Phillip for allowing us to use their photos.

Questions and Answer site

We would like to make a question and answer page for the Japanese Way of Tea. StackExchange is a site that specialise in this type of Q&A sites. Check out their list of sites, maybe you’ll find something interesting. We have proposed a new site called Chanoyu – Japanese Way of Tea. There is a bit of a process to go from proposal to a Q&A site. To manage that we need your help!

The process

  1. Make the proposal [COMPLETE]
  2. Have 40 questions with 10 or more votes [IN PROGRESS]
  3. Have 200 people commit to use the page
  4. The page is created in a temporary (beta) stage, and we need to prove that there is enough interest in Chanoyu Q&A
  5. Permanent page created

Please help us by doing the following

Go to http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/95567/chanoyu-japanese-way-of-tea


Click on follow it. Then you must add your e-mail address. A short while later you will get an e-mail from StackExchange asking you to confirm you e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail



Then click on this link: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/95567/chanoyu-japanese-way-of-tea?tab=votes#tab-top It will take you back to the page showing the questions with the highest number of votes on the top.


You are now able to vote for the questions you like and think are good examples of questions you would like to see on a Chanoyu Q&A page. Please scroll down until you find a question with less than 10 votes, and vote for the ones you like best. You have 5 votes, please use them all. We need 40 questions with 10 votes each to move on to the next stage. If there is some questions you do not like please leave a comment. If you use the down arrow to vote it down we just need even more votes to move to the next phase, so please avoid that. You may change your votes at any time by clicking once more on the vote arrow. So if you accidentally down vote something, just click on the down arrow and the arrow will change back to grey.



If you get a message like this when voting, please close your browser and start by opening your e-mail like described above.



If you scroll all the way down you can add new example questions. Each person may add up to five questions. Unfortunately you have to wait 3 minutes between each question you add.



Once your done go back to the top. There you’ll find a “Share This” link. This creates a custom link that you can share with your tea friends. If they follow the proposal you’ll get some points on the site. As you get more point you’ll be able to do more an more different things on the site. Please share it with your tea friends.


Thank you for your help! We believe this will be a great way to share tea knowledge, and we hope yo see you on there soon!