TeaLife Audio – Episode 52 – Books we love

– Marius
– Damian
– Anythony

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If there is a white twig-charcoal that remains unburned, the thing to do is leave it alone and add the extra [twig-] charcoal.

Main topic – Books we love
Books mentioned by Damian:
Tea Life Tea Mind
The Enjoyment of Tea

Books mentioned by Anthony:
Moon By the Window
Chado The Way of Tea – A Japanese Tea Master’s Almanac

Books mentioned by Marius:
The spirit of Tea
Kuchi Kiri Chaji no kokoromi
Chashitsu no …..

Other books mentioned
Urasenke Chado Textbook
The Way of tea
The book of Tea
Damians dogu book


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TeaLife Audio – Episode 51 – In the Tea Room


  • Aaron
  •  Marius


  • Ula

If you are laying charcoal, do not have the pieces flank the tripod or lay them in a cross pattern or have gaps between them, but observe the overall balance.

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Hanging the chakin on a tsutsu chawan to make it easier picking up the end.

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TeaLife Audio – Episode 49 – Oribe

– Marius
– Anthony

– Adam

Sumi oku wa tatoe narai ni somuku tomo
yu no yoku tagiru sumi wa sumi nari


Even though the charcoal placement may be contrary to the way it is taught, charcoal that brings the hot water to a good boil is charcoal.


Main Topic: Oribe


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