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We need topic ideas! (3 replies and 3 comments)

1 year ago
marius 1 year ago

When we started the podcast we had a plan for 10 episodes, we are currently preparing to record episode 64. It is always difficult to come up with good topics for discussions, so we encourage you all to help us come up with ideas. Please post them here or send one of us a direct message

1 year ago
Feldin 1 year ago

Hi Marius

I just found your podcast, which was a really nice surprise.

Do you guys have a more active social part? like Facebook, telegram or anything? I did not really find anything so... I will ask here. Sorry 🙂

I moved back from my one dream year doing kyudo in Japan where I was lucky enough to be able to start learning sadou from an edosenke sensei. Now I am back to Europe (for now in Belgium, I'm originally Hungarian) and would love to continue... but no teachers I could find. Omote would be closer in style, so I would be more then happy with an omote sensei too, but no luck. Maybe some of you can help out?

Would be also a good topic idea, teachers around the world, how do you learn when you move away from your teacher.

Other topic ideas (just found you, so you might have covered some):

different schools, the differences, the common grounds,
how to make your own sadougu,
organising events together,
which matcha for what,
what is sadou for you, why did you continue practicing,
how does it fit in to the "western" world or how do you fit it in,
if you teach how to keep it alive (how to finance it so you dont tax your students, how to get new students, etc),
how to build your chashitsu and what kind (from basic stove away home versions to standalone houses and whatever you have seen or comes to mind)
how to make wagashi (I know... there are so many varieties)
what water do you use, whats good for sadou and how to "make", get it?
how do you practice on your own?

etc 🙂 For now these 🙂

1 year ago

Thank you for your suggestions.

Unfortunately we never managed to make this a very active community. We do also run which is a bit more active. It is focused on question and answers related to tea.

Urasenke and Omotesenke are very close. So if you think Omotesenke is OK then you should be fine with Urasenke too.

1 year ago
rhondarolf 1 year ago

Maybe an episode on gomei - how to choose, what the differences are between koicha and usucha, can we make up our own?  (could i create and use regional gomei?

1 year ago

Great idea, thank you.

8 months ago
rhondarolf 8 months ago


With the 100th episode coming, are you planning something special?  Do you think it will be around the end of June 2018? Perhaps you can do some episodes in Kyoto at the Midorikai seminar?  Maybe even interview Oiemoto or Daisosho?

8 months ago

We should do something special for ep 100, but that is not on the schedule before 30th of November 2018.