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And here is a very short description of how to:
  • Start with the base.  I built mine 10’ x 10’ using 2×12’s (this gives you approx 12 extra inches…).  This way I could actually have a ro in the floor.  I simply made four boxes, 5×5 each, so they all come together in the middle at one point, also enabling the ro (there would not be structure in the way…)
  • Floor.  I used 2 layers of 3/4” plywood.  1 layer was a little too saggy….
  • The simplest way to have a modular tea room in retrospect is to have 3 fixed walls, however you want to do them, and make the 4th wall one that can move to make a 3 mat room.
  • Walls.  2 of my walls are fixed, using 1/4” plywood with a maple veneer.  The other 2 walls are made of hollow core doors.  I stained it all because I like the dark.
  • Tracks.  For my 2 walls with hollow core doors, I used a dado blade on a table saw to cut out a track big enough to hold the hollow core doors.  1 track for the floor and 1 for the ceiling.
  • Trick.  Here is the trick — I made a total of 5 tracks — one for the floor and one for the ceiling for the 2 moveable walls of hollow core doors.  The 5th track is an extra ceiling track for when I switch to a 3 mat (or smaller room).  This one stays on the ceiling at all times and is shown in the 5th image.
My room is in 4 1/2 mat mode right now.  Next time I have a smaller configuration, I’ll send more pictures.

SHUHALLY – Gallery

In episode 4 we discuss the SHUHALLY tea room. These are some of Aarons photo from the SHUHALLY.