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TeaLife Audio – Episode 85 – Hiroshima (2 replies)

5 months ago
Shoshinsha 5 months ago

I wasn't able to leave a comment on the episode page, so here we go . . .

Marius, you mentioned the woman on the cover of the Cultivating Femininity book being in gyakugatte. I have seen one common tea book in English in which the image was clearly mirrored when made into a cover:

The Japanese Tea Ceremony by A.L. Sadler

so my first thought was perhaps that had happened. However, looking at the cover of Cultivating Femininity, the woman is clearly holding the hishaku with her right hand, and the writing above is in the correct direction, so that can't be the case.

I found online a copy of the book from which the image came: 女朗詠教訓歌

and also the page for the image: http://dl.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/2533881/17

(you can get a bigger image by clicking the "JPEG表示" button). For some reason, the author or artist decided to have the woman making tea that way. Maybe this image was easiest for Ms. Corbett to get permission to use?


4 months ago
rhondarolf 4 months ago
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Oh my gosh!  I have the book by AL Sadler sitting on my nightstand and never noticed that natsume and chashaku were in the wrong hands!!

4 months ago
marius 4 months ago

It is very interesting. I talked to Rebeca about it and she chose the image because it is the image used in one of the edification guides mentioned in the book.