TeaLife Audio – Episode 24 – Inherent Teachers

– Aaron
– Marius
– Damian
– Naomi
– Anthony

– Introduction Naomi
– Introduction Anthony
– Poem:
— その道に入らんと思ふ心こそ我身ながらの師匠なりけれ
— “Sono michi ni iran to omou kokoro koso waga mi nagara no shisho narikere.”
— The very heart which tries to enter the Way is the best teacher.
— To have the mind to enter this path is, indeed, to have an inherent teacher.


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  1. Howdy folks: a little amendment to my comments regarding “oryoki” or the Zen temple eating practice. I realized i said in the episode that during oryoki we don’t drink any beverages; while there’s no glass or cup present, in western oryoki practice we often have juice or a beverage as the contents of one of the bowls. My understanding is that in Japan, this bowl-for-liquid is usually filled with soup, so juice may be something of a western custom. So in the interest of accuracy, i rescind that comment about beverages, since we sometimes do have beverages during oryoki, at least in the west.

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