TeaLife Audio – Episode 32 – the episode we almost put a lid on

– Marius
– Damian

Poem #9

Whenever you set anything down as you change its position,
withdraw your hand as though it were parting from a loved one.

Tea Practice – Futaoki

Image of Rikyu seven futaoki http://issoant

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  1. In response to your conversation about bamboo futaoki. The difference between the ro and furo bamboo futaoki is where the node is. The node closer to the top is summer style. Node closer to the middle is ro style. You will often see them sold in sets of 2, for furo and ro style. Both are the same height, and the furo style futaoki diameter might be smaller, but this is not the main differentiating factor. In fact, I have a set where they are almost the same in diameter.

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