TeaLife Audio – Episode 9 – Furo Season


– Aaron

– Marius

– Stig


– Tearoom

– Tea and religion

– Furo/Summer season in tea

Information referenced:

– http://blog.chado.no

– http://www.urasenke.or.jp/texte/index.html

– 55 = Boysday 5th of May, 77 = Tanabate 7th of July, 99 = Chrysantimum festival 9th of September

Tea Poem:

“Here are some basic guidelines for the videos:
1. Videos can be any length.

2. MP4 video format is preferred, but any format will do. People can do this using their smartphones.

3. Look straight into the camera and say: “I (am/am not) Japanese. I practice (chado/chanoyu/the Way of Tea/Japanese tea ceremony) because _________.” Obviously if the person identifies as Japanese, they would say they are Japanese. Otherwise they would say they are not. The phrases for “chado” are however the practitioner would like to refer to it.

4. This is meant to be a free association/spontaneous thing, so no need to think too hard or script what you will say. Just begin with the starter phrase and then go into whatever you want. I eventually started talking about Zen philosophy, writing, and art in my video, so it really can go anywhere.

5. Can be done in any language, but I will need an English translation (written transcript in English is fine).

6. Setting/clothes are whatever you feel like filming it in. It can be in a tea room in kimono, or just at your house in your PJ’s, or anything in between. I need to be able to hear the audio pretty clearly, so no overly noisy environments unless you’re willing to provide a transcript.

7. By participating, participants acknowledge that I will edit the footage and rearrange it into a collaborative poem. They also acknowledge that I hold artistic rights to the final piece; I follow Creative Commons Licensing, so it can be shared, altered, etc., but others cannot use the final product for financial gain. Participants retain rights over their own video, however.

I have no deadline as of now. I’m not in any rush, and I’m not sure how fast word will move on this, so I’d like to give people a chance to think about if they’d like to participate and then make their videos.

Please feel free to give my email out: sarah.richards.graba@gmail.com

They can also check out my website: sarah-wes.com

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